SC/PC optical fiber patch cord


SC/UPC fiber optic connector Mainly used for the realization of permanent fixed connection between system equipments, equipment and instruments, equipment and optical fiber and optical fiber and optical fiber in the system, is an important passive device in telecommunication system. SC type optical fiber connector is shape of a rectangle, the pin and the coupling sleeve structure size  are identical with FC type, fastening methrod is the use of plug pin latch type, without rotating, floating pottery pin structure can maintain a stable connection, superior performance


2)LAN and access network
3)Telecom,Gigabit data network
4) medical equipments
5)Industry and military applications



1) meet with ANSI,Bellcore,TIA/EIA,IEC etc international standards ,also accord with the industrial standards of Telecom in China

2)Realized the active link of optic fiber transmission

3)low insertion loss and high return loss

4)Excellent repeatability and interchangeability

4、Technical data

1)insertion loss:<=0.2db

2)return loss: >=50db(upc type),>=60db(apc type)

3)work temperature: -40℃~+



5)interchangeability: ≤0.2

6)plug times:>1000

7)tensile strength:50N


5、Ordering information:

Product name: fiber optic patchcord/pigtail

Connector type : the frist interface: FC、SC、LC、MU、MT-RJ etc; the other interface: FC、SC、LC、MU、MT-RJ etc.

Interface type: the frist one: UPC、APC;the other one: UPC、APC。

Transmission mode: SM,MM.

Fiber cores: single ,dual

Fiber diameter: Φ0.9,Φ2,Φ3 choosable

Fiber length: user-defined